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We are currently looking for photographers
across the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Caribbean.

If a position as a photographer with VR National is something that you would like to pursue,
please respond to all items listed with a ** in front of them in an email and send to photography@vrnational.com. A photography coordinator will contact you.

** Name
**City of Residence
**Closest major city
**Phone number
**Email address

Equipment requirements

Please review the equipment requirements below and let us know what type (brand/model) of each of the below that you have. If you do not have some of the equipment, indicate if you would be willing to purchase it.

Laptop computer

  • to verify that the photographs were properly shot
    before leaving the location of the photo shoot
  • to maintain communications with VR National
  • to upload digital files to our FTP server

Digital Camera Requirements  (Click here for recommendations from our photographers)

  • DSLR with a minimum of 6 mega pixels
  • Capable of Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB or BKT etc..)
  • Ability to create TIFF or RAW format
  • If camera has a 1.3 crop factor, one must use a 14mm lens
  • If camera has a 1.5 or 1.6 crop factor, one must use a 12mm lens
  • If camera has a full frame CCD, one must use an 18mm
  • at least 2 gigabites of memory storage
  • Remote or cable release required
  • Hot shoe bubble level recommended

Tripod requirements

  • extends to at least five feet
  • has a panorama head with the ability to access the nodal point while the camera is vertical
  • includes a level
  • has markings to note degree of rotation, and clicks into place
**Please list the equipment that you currently own.

This position is a part time position. A majority of our filming is done between
9am and 5pm M-F. You are not required to be available all days, however,
it is important that you are available a minimum of 4 hours a week during those hours. Some areas will have full time work and others have part time work.
If you are in an area that has full time work, we will need you available full time.
Please let us know your schedule:

**Schedule Details


Once we receive your email, we will contact you directly to answer further questions.
Please no phone calls.

Thank you in advance!



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